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"Love it, hate it, or laugh at it, America Online isn't going away. One of the longest-lived ISPs, AOL is still the way 35 million people worldwide send e-mail, surf the Net, bicker in forums, or send instant messages. Columnist Robert Luhn has been an AOL user for more than a decade, but this is no AOL booster section. Anyone who has used the service can attest to its many flaws and frustrations. This new column, AOL Nation, will look critically at AOL's products, services, and practices. We'll tell you what's superb, what stinks, how to get the most out of AOL, and what issues may affect your pocketbook or your sanity." Read the full story here

AOL Mission Statement

"This is a bold mission statement. But it is the mission we at America Online rededicate ourselves to every day. From our very beginnings, AOL has been about far more than just making the Internet available to consumers. It has been about making our members' lives better by creating an online experience that helps, informs, and delights them.

This commitment to our members drives everything we do. We created unique channel navigation and an improved Search feature - with audio/video and local Search - to make finding things online faster and easier. We offer comprehensive programming experiences, packed with original content. We have been pioneers in making online communications easy and fun. We led the way in protecting our members from spam, viruses, hackers and other dangers.

We do all these things and much more because at AOL, we are dedicated to the simple premise that our members deserve the best possible - and most valuable - online experience available anywhere." Full Mission Statement

AOL History

May 24, 1985Date of incorporation under original founding name, Quantum Computer Services, registered in Delaware
November 1985Quantum's first online service, "Q-Link," launched on Commodore Business Machines
August 1988Quantum's "PC-Link" launched through joint venture with Tandy Corporation
June 1990Quantum's "Promenade" service launched for IBM PS/1
February 1991DOS version of AOL launched
October 1991Quantum Computer Services changes name to America Online, Inc.
March 1992AOL goes public on NASDAQ market at original price of $11.50, under symbol AMER
January 1993Windows version of AOL launched
August 1994AOL service reaches 1 million members
July 1995AOL service passes 3 million members
October 1995Launch of GNN, AOL's direct Internet service
January 1996AOL UK and AOL Canada launch
February 1996AOL service passes 5 million members
March 1996AOL France launches
July 1996AOL launches version 3.0 for Windows
April 1997AOL Japan launches
November 1997AOL service passes 10 million members
December 1998AOL service surpasses 15 million members
September 1999AOL Hong Kong launches
December 1999AOL service surpasses 20 million members
July 2000AOL Mexico launches
October 2000AOL service surpasses 25 million members
January 2001AOL and Time Warner complete merger to create Time Warner
October 2001New AOL version 7.0 sets record with more than 2.5 million downloads by AOL members in first five days
July 2002AOL service surpasses 35 million members
October 2002New AOL version 8.0 sets record with more than 5 million downloads by AOL members in first two weeks
March 2003AOL launches AOL for Broadband
October 2003AOL launches AOL 9.0 Optimized, the latest version for AOL and AOL for Broadband
May 2004AOL announces spam in member in-boxes down by 20%-30%
November 2004AOL launches AOL(r) 9.0 Security Edition with comprehensive suite of security features
January 2005AOL introduces new AOL(r) Search innovations and opens up new opportunities for advertisers
January 2005AOL and Time Warner Cable join forces to provide customized broadband offering
April 2005AOL introduces Internet phone service
April 2005AOL and XM Satellite Radio unite to create new online radio service
September 2005AOL releases spyware protection to improve Internet security for millions of users
October 2005AOL acquires leading blogging company Weblogs
December 2005AOL and Google expand strategic alliance
April 2006America Online Changes Its Name to AOL
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